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Medical Qigong

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Medical Qigong is a low-impact, ancient exercise system comprised of movements, body postures and breathing exercise that is used to promote good health. Medical Qigong is very useful in treating chronic diseases.


1. Medical Qigong is a low-impact exercise that promotes health, but does not stress musculoskeletal tissues and joints.

2. Major universities are building integrative medicine programs into the medical schools that feature Medical Qigong, such as the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Medicine

3. Research evidence indicates that Medical Qigong: slows the aging process; reduces blood pressure; improves the immune system; reduces risk of strokes; improves blood circulation; eliminates toxins; promotes restorative sleep; reduces pain; improves digestion system; reduces stress; and is an effective treatment of arthritis, diabetes and hypertension.

4. Medical Qigong Tip #1: Learn the basic of Medical Qigong by reading a book written by a Master of Medical Qigong.

5. Medical Qigong Tip #2: Exercise with friends.

6. Medical Qigong Tip #3: Learn from the best available Medical Qigong instructor.

7. Medical Qigong Tip #4: Focus upon rhythmic breathing.

8. Medical Qigong Tip #5: Relax the mind and body.

9. Medical Qigong Tip #6: Move and breath in unison.

10. Medical Qigong Tip #7: Exercise daily.


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